Examples of Webometric Analyst Outputs

Web Environment Networks

YouTube commenter networks

An anonymised network of comments on a Justin Bieber video. Circles indicate people who commented on the video - larger circles indicate more comments. Male circles are blue, females are pink, undeclared genders are white (age and gender ceased to be available from YouTube at the end of 2012 so this information is no longer available from Webometric Analyst). Arrows indicate replies from the source to the target. Black arrows indicate predominantly negative comments, red arrows indicate predominantly positive comments and grey arrows indicate overall neutral comments (calcualted by SentiStrength). Click on the image for a high-resolution publication-quality TIF file. The dominance of negative replies (black arrows) suggests arguments - this is particularly striking since the dominant sentiment in YouTube is positivity.

If you have a network created with Webometric Analyst that you would like to share on this page, please email it to Mike Thelwall.