28/3/2022: New version fixes a bug in searching Dimensions by DOI and has lots of extra minor functions.

30/7/2019: Download the new version to continue using the Mendeley API and the Twitter API.

29/10/2018 Bing searches now include + before phrase searches to ensure accurate matches. This solution was discoved by Profesor Enara Zarrabeitia Bilbao.

10/9/2018: Webometric Analyst 4.1 released. The Wizard no longer appears at startup. To load it, select Link Analysis Wizard from the File menu.

9/8/2018 - Field normalised indicators can be calculated from data.

The book Web indicators for research evaluation: A practical guide. describes data gathering and indicator calculations with Webometric Analyst.

Carlos Vílchez-Román has noticed that the -site: command no longer works in Bing - although it seems to work normally in the API - so there may be some false matches in the web impact reports.

The book Introduction to Webometrics is useful for Webometric Analyst - but please download the updated, extended Webometrics and social web research methods [free in-progress draft copy].

Webometric Analyst replaces hyperlink searches with URL Citation searches (see documentation) and (optionally) with title mention searches. See an evaluation of title searches and URL citation searches.

Webometric Analyst can process logical OR searches by submitting multiple queries and combining the results.

Webometric Analyst

Webometric Analyst is a free Windows-based program for altmetrics, citation analysis, social web analysis and webometrics, including link analysis. It downloads data from the web through APIs or directly and includes a wide range of text and citation processing options. This website contains brief usage instructions for the most popular features but many more options are available in the menus.

Introduction to Altmetrics presentation

Altmetrics and Citation Analysis

Example of a paper made with Webometric Analyst reports.

Social Web Analysis

Link Analysis and Webometrics

For automatic Web searches in Webometric Analyst, please sign up for a Bing Cognitive Services v7 key first. Webometric Analyst uses URL citations or title mentions instead of hyperlink searches for network diagrams, link impact reports, and web environment networks. See also the discussion of link analysis in Webometric Analyst.

Webometric Analyst main screen

Link Analysis: See the following papers for a comparison of link counting methods:

Extra documentation

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Installation
  3. Comparing search markets or Using multiple search markets for a single search
  4. The network drawing component
  5. Spam removal from link results

The Webometric Analyst blog has more information and bug reports. The blog instructions are behind the latest version of Webometric Analyst - some of the screen shots will be different.

LexiURL Searcher (before April, 2011)

The original LexiURL Searcher was similar to Webometric Analyst but used hyperlink data from the Yahoo! Search API, which Yahoo! discontinued in April 2011. Webometric Analyst 1.0 used IP-based access to Bing but the Bing API changed in 2012 and again in 2016 and 2017.