Convert a Spreadsheet for Webometric Analyst

Sets of publications that are stored in a spreadsheet can be saved in a format similar to that of the Web of Science so that Webometric Analyst can process them. The following rules must be followed for this:

There must be a header row at the top of the spreadsheet with headings for the columns and the data must start in row 2.

With a spreadsheet in the above format, choose File|Save As (or equivalent) and select the Text (Tab delimited *.txt) format from the choices box. If there isn’t an equivalent to this, save as CSV and then use the Tab delimited option in Webometric Analyst to convert the saved file to tab delimited format.
The saved file can then be used to make web searches, search Mendeley (for this, add an extra DOI column if you have it) or calculate citation indicators (if you have an extra column for citations). The only change to the instructions elsewhere in this document is to select Other rather than WoS or Scopus, when, asked what type of information is in the file, and then check the questions about column numbers carefully and enter appropriate column numbers, when requested.

If you have a mix of files from different sources, such as WoS world files and group files saved from Excel, then it is important to conduct the Mendeley searches and the stage of making web searches separately for each format so that Webometric Analyst does not use the wrong columns to create the searches at any stage.

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