Extracting Mendeley reader counts for a set of documents

First copy your folder with the WoS or Scopus data with structured filenames (e.g., citation counts structured names) and rename the copy Mendeley readers structured names. Delete the files AllData.txt and Report.txt in this new folder. The next step is to gather the Mendeley reader information for all the articles in all the files in this folder.

Start Webometric Analyst, close the Start-up Wizard, and click on the Mendeley tab (in the top half of the screen). Underneath the button Search for Publications (API v1), tick the checkbox with caption Repeat for all files in the same folder. Now click the Search for Publications (API v1) button, find and select any of the files in the folder Mendeley readers structured names, enter 1 (for WoS) in response to the question about where the data is from, check the next dialog box and click OK. Answer Yes to the question “File contains header line?”. You will now be asked to login to Mendeley and then copy the URL of the page back into Webometric Analyst. This gives it permission to search on your behalf. You will now need to wait about 25 minutes for Webometric Analyst to gather the reader counts for all of the data. Please review the information below during this time.

When it has finished there should be lots of new files in the Mendeley readers structured names folder, as shown below. The files with the Mendeley reader data in are those ending in total85.txt in case you want to open any of the files (not necessary).

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