Extra instructions for PowerPoint Citation Searches

The procedure for creating PowerPoint citation indicators is similar to that for Wikipedia citations, with one minor change and one addition. To being, make a new copy of the citation counts structured names folder and call it PowerPoint citations structured names. The change needed is that the instruction “select Make Wikipedia searches for a set of Scopus/WoS/Other journal articles or books from the Make Searches menu” should be replaced by the similar PowerPoint searches menu item. The remaining instructions are the same up to the stage of creating the report.

Before creating the report, the matching URLs need to be checked and systematic sources of presentations, such as journals publishing PowerPoint article introductions, must be filtered out. Here are the necessary steps for this.

Start by making a copy of the PowerPoint citations structured names folder in case anything goes wrong with the filtering.
Next, start Windows Notepad (e.g., from the Windows Start menu, All Programs set, Accessories program group, and Notepad program). Using any other program will cause problems later.
Now open one of the files ending in “ long results.txt” from Windows Notepad (e.g., File menu, Open menu option, and browse for the file). Ignore the files with similar file name endings – the ending must be exactly as specified here.

This file contains one line for each search match URL. Before checking the file, the Word Wrap option in Notepad must be disabled by clicking on the Format menu and, if Word Wrap is ticked, click on it to untick it.

The next stage is detective work. The URLs of the matching pages should now be neatly aligned on the left of the Notepad window. Scan down these to identify any frequently occurring websites in the list and investigate them. If any are systematic sources, such as journal websites with presentations about their own published articles, then delete all the lines associated with these presentations from the long results.txt file and save it. Make sure to delete the whole line in each case. Deleting partial lines or changing the format of the file will result in problems.
Repeat the above for all the other files with names ending exactly in “ long results.txt”.

Once all the files have been checked as above, to calculate the world normalised indicators for the filtered PowerPoint citations, select Calculate MNLCS, gMNCS and NPC for a set of web searches (multiple files with structured names) from the Reports menu. From the dialog box that appears next, select the PowerPoint citations structured names folder containing the Bing API search results files and click OK.  When the report is ready, click No to avoid creating a second report.

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