Naming Data Files With Structured File Names

In order for Webometric Analyst to automatically process the files, the world files must end in hyphen and then world.txt with no spaces between (i.e., -world.txt) and the group files to be tested must have names that are identical to the world files, except that world.txt must be replaced by a GroupName.txt, where GroupName can be anything not containing “world”. This arbitrary rule ensures that Webometric Analyst understands the role of all the files. Rename the files now so that they follow this format. If you have followed the instructions above, then your folder should start looking like the image below.

Make sure that the above files are on their own in a folder (e.g., called “citation counts”) and then make a copy of the entire folder (click on the folder and type Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V). Rename this new folder “citation counts structured names”, just to help keep track of what is in the different folders. Name the files in this new folder with the above convention. After renaming, the folder should look like the image below. Notice that before the first hyphen the world and group names are identical, the word “world” should be all lowercase, and there are no spaces after any of the hyphens.

With the structured filename convention, every group must have a corresponding world file, and every world file can have any number of corresponding group files. The group files for the same group (e.g., Spanish research) must have the same name after the hyphen every time. The image below shows a valid set of filenames where there are three groups for each world file.

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