Extra instructions for syllabus searches

The procedure for creating syllabus mention indicators is similar to that for Wikipedia citations, with one minor change, one extra bit of information, and one additional step. The extra bit of information is that each document needs at least two Bing queries to search for syllabus mentions, so this information consumes at least double the number of Bing queries compared to the number needed for Wikipedia citations.
To begin, make a new copy of data folder and call it Syllabus mentions. The minor change needed is that the instruction “select Make Wikipedia searches for a set of Scopus/WoS/Other journal articles or books from the Make Searches menu” should be replaced by the Make syllabus searches for a set of Scopus/WoS/Other journal articles or books menu item.

The syllabus search files all end in _syll.txt and one needs to be submitted to the Bing API through Webometric Analyst in the same way as for Wikipedia citations. For this, start Webometric Analyst, enter the Windows Azure key in the Start-up Wizard, close the Start-up Wizard, click Run All Searches in File from the main interface and select one of the _syll.txt. Repeat this for all of the other _syll.txt files until they have all been processed.

Once all of _syll.txt files have been submitted to Bing and all the searches have been completed, the next stage is to filter out incorrect matches. This is necessary because the results normally contain many unwanted matches – pages that are not online syllabi. To be safe, make a copy of the folder in case anything goes wrong with the next stage and the results are lost.

To filter out false matches, start Webometric Analyst, close the Start-up Wizard, and from the Utilities menu select Syllabus mentions: Filter out incorrect matches from long results. Select any of the long results files in the folder and click OK to the question asked, until the last one – click Yes to process all long results files in the folder. This procedure uses a set of heuristics to identify and remove web pages that are unlikely to be valid online syllabi.

Once all the files have been checked as above, to calculate the world normalised indicators for the filtered PowerPoint citations, select Calculate MNLCS, gMNCS and NPC for a set of web searches (multiple files with structured names) from the Reports menu. From the dialog box that appears next, select the Syllabus mentions structured names folder containing the Bing API search results files and click OK.  When the report is ready, click No to avoid creating a second report. At the time of writing, there were very few syllabus mentions for the world set and none at all for Spain.

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