Using search markets for multiple queries

The Bing API sometimes truncates its results prematurely. For example, a search may normally give 500 results but the API will occasionally return only 50 results. This may render the results of a set of searches inconsistent if some of them are truncated. A way to get round this is to run each search multiple times and combine the results, so that if one search returns only 50 then another similar search that returns 500 can replace it. This can be done in Webometric Analyst by asking it to repeat the same search for multiple different search markets and combine the results. A search market is a geographic/linguistic flavour for Bing results. English search markets for Bing include en-GB (UK English) and en-US (US English). A full list is here.

To use multiple search markets for each query there are two methods:

Method 1 (recommended):

Bing Search Options dialog box after ticking Run Queries Multiple Times With Different Search Markets

Method 2 (not recommended):