Registering for Google Custom Search keys

Google custom search gives a maximum of 100 searches per day. Each query consumes between 1 and 10 searches and returns a maximum of 100 matching URLs. So the daily allowance only grants between 1 and 100 queries.

Step 0: Sign into your google email account in your web browser and then open a separate tab in the same browser (so that Google knows who you are).

Step 1: In the new tab, go to and click Create a Custom Search Engine.

Step 2: In the new page enter a name for your search engine and *.com as the website to search. Don’t enter anything else, and click Create.

Step 3: Click Edit Search Engine and then Setup in the menu bar on the left of the screen, near the top. Scroll down to the advanced section, select the *.com site and click the delete button ABOVE it to delete it.

Step 4: Change “Search these sites” to “Search the Entire web but emphasise included sites.”

Step 5: Click the Search Engine ID button and copy the code given and save it somewhere safe (this is also called the CX code).

Step 6: You also need an API Key in addition to the Search Engine ID. Go to then scroll down to the API Key section and click the Get a Key button.

Step 7: Click Select or Create a New Project.

Step 8: Select Create a New Project, enter a name and click Create and Enable API.

Step 9: Copy the API key and save it somewhere safe – e.g., email it to yourself.

Now enter these two keys into Webometric Analyst each time you use it in order to use it. (S. Engine menu).