Microsoft Academic Azure Signup Procedure


Warning! The instructions below take you to a free service but you will need to enter your credit card and Microsoft will email you at some stage to sign up to a payed service. Make sure that you do not agree to the paid service or your credit card will be automatically debited. Follow the instructions here at your own risk. No liability is accepted for the consequences.

1) Open a web browser and sign into a Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail or Live email account, if you have one. Create one if you don’t have one.

2) Open a new tab in the same browser window and go to the Microsoft website here:

3) Click Try for free


4) Click Start free


5) Complete the required information and submit. This needs a credit card and a mobile phone.

6) Click Get started with your Azure subscription

7) Click Next.

8) You don’t need to sign up for a webinar – can skip this. Instead, click My account at the top of the screen, then, near the bottom left of the screen, click Azure portal.

9) Click Maybe later to get into the main Azure Dashboard.

10) Click + (top left), then Data + Analytics.


11) Select and click Cognitive Services in FEATURED APPS on the right (may need to scroll down).


12) Complete the boxes as below (use your own name instead of Mike) and click Pin to dashboard and Create.

13) To get your key, click Show access keys.

14) Copy the key from KEY 1 (Ctrl-C) – this is what to put in WA. Please email it to yourself now (Ctrl-V to paste) so that you don't need to repeat the above again.



15) DON'T DO THIS! IF YOU IGNORE THIS ADVICE, READ THE MICROSOFT AZURE TERMS AND CONDITIONS VERY CAREFULLY. You can upgrade to a free high volume level to get more Microsoft Academic queries in your first month. To do this, create a new subscription, change to the higher volume service tier and then you get some virtual money to spend on free searches in the first month. Cancel the subscription before the end of the month or you may be automatically charged for this every month in the future, even if you do not use it. The screen below illustrates the billing information in the portal (on the right hand side).

Instructions for use with Webometric Analyst.