Altmetric data in Webometric Analyst is a web site that compiles a range of metrics about academic articles from a range of sources, including Facebook, blogs and Twitter. is similar in this regard to total-Impact, ReaderMeter, ScienceCard, Crowdometer and PlumX. The Altmetric Tab gives access to some of these Altmetric statistics. Articles cannot be queried for by name but can be queried for by ArXiv ID, DOI, or PubMed ID.

To get scores for your data:

This takes about one second per document.

The results will be in a file with the same name but _altmetric added to the end. The data is in extra columns at the end of each line of the new file, after the original line. The most useful columns are for Tweeters, Facebook Wall Posts, Blogs, and G+ but there are ten altogether (Blogs, News, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Wikipedia, Reviews, Questions, G+) plus readership count and other data. The readership data is only collected for articles that have been mentioned in other sources, so is incomplete.

In summary, the following altmetrics are currently supported. See an help page for more information about these.

If there are lines in your file that are missing a DOI or other identifier, these are not copied to the _altmetric output.

To calculate field normalised indicators, see the section of the Alternative Indicators Summer School Day 2 slides and workshop instructions.