Webometric Analyst 2.0 Online Documentation

  1. Installation instructions
  2. Obtaining a Bing key to run web searches. (New) Obtaining Google Custom Search keys to run web searches.
  3. Basic Webometric Analyst instructions: Using wizards to create network diagrams, link impact reports and web impact reports
  4. Standard Webometric Analyst use instructions: Introduction to the classic interface for standard reports and variations
  5. Webometric Analyst Help Manual: Includes advanced use instructions
  6. Introductory booklet about Webometric Analyst: Gives an overview but not specific instructions.
  7. Twitter networks of followers and following (see Mozdeh for collecting tweets)
  8. Altmetric searches
  9. YouTube searches
  10. Mendeley searches
  11. Google Book Search
  12. Microsoft Academic searches
  13. Frequently Asked Questions
  14. SocSciBot Network online documentation (different web site)

See the Webometric Analyst blog for more information and to report bugs. Note that these instructions are slightly behind the latest version of Webometric Analyst - some of the screen shots will be different.

Webometric Analyst Korean Manual from Han Woo Park.

Part of a diagram produced by SocSciBot web crawls.