PowerPoint presentation searches with Webometric Analyst

You can use search engines to find webpages that cite or mention academic publications with a simple query. The query should include citation details for your document as well as filetype:ppt at the end to ensure that all matches are powerpoint documents.

If you have a file of academic publications from the Web of Science or Scopus then Webometric Analyst can make the queries for you using the Make blog (or other site), PowerPoint and syllabus searches for Scopus/WoS data menu item in the Make Searches menu in the classic interface.

Once you have made your file, the quickest way to run the searches through Bing is to automatically submit them with Webometric Analyst. To do this, restart Webometric Analyst, select Link Analysis Wizard from the File menu, select the Web Impact Report from the Wizard, enter your Azure key and wait for it to finish.

The main results are the total number of webpages or websites matching each query. This will be in the Short Results file. Lists of matching pages will be in the URLs section of the mini-website created by Webometric Analyst.

Papers using this as the main method:

Thelwall, M. & Kousha, K. (2008). Online presentations as a source of scientific impact?: An analysis of PowerPoint files citing academic journals, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 59(5), 805-815.