Getting data from YouTube with Webometric Analyst 2.0

Webometric Analyst will collect data from YouTube for you via the permitted "YouTube API". It can automatically download:

To use the YouTube features, (a) download Webometric Analyst, (b) register a YouTube project and get your developer key (this key gives you YouTube's permission to run automatic searches), and (c) follow the instructions below.These instructions take you to the parts of Webometric Analyst that are relevant for YouTube.

  1. Start Webometric Analyst, select "Classic interface" from the Wizard that appears at the start-up (see below) and click OK. Click Yes if asked if you want to continue without a key. This will take you to the Webometric Analyst classic interface. This contains loads and loads of different features but you only need a few of them - and none of the menus - for YouTube analysis.

Each of the buttons in the screen shown above performs a different type of search for YouTube information. If there are tick boxes in the same box as the search button then these are options that impact on the way that the search is carried out. The descriptions inside the boxes are intended to be self-explanatory but three are described below. *Warning - this may take a long time if you have a lot of searches! For example it might take over 24 hours if you have 100 searches.* All of these buttons (except the last) need your developer key (see above).

It is no longer possible to get information about (a) the subscribers or subscriptions of a user or channels, and (b) subscriber networks for collections of users, sorry. This is due to changes in the YouTube API.