Creating a Reply Network from a Single YouTube Video with Webometric Analyst

Webometric Analyst can create a network to illustrate the replies to one or more YouTube videos. These instructions tell you how to do this but please read the Introduction to Webometric Analyst for YouTube first. These instructions are for Windows only, sorry, and Friend and Subscriber networks are no longer available.
To use the YouTube features, first download Webometric Analyst from and then follow the instructions below. Note that Webometric Analyst collects lots of different types of online data and so most of the options are not related to YouTube. The instructions below take you to the key parts for YouTube.

  1. To colour the arrows in the networks according to the strength of sentiment expressed in comments, a sentiment analysis program must be downloaded and run on the saved YouTube files. To do this, carry out the following instructions.
    1. Once all the networks are complete download SentiStrength from the web site Follow the instructions on the web site to install SentiStrength and its associated files.
    2. Once SentiStrength is installed start it and select YouTube Networks - Calculate sentiment of all comments to colour network arrows from the Sentiment Strength Analysis menu.
    3. When asked, select the folder containing all of the YouTube networks and click OK. Sentiment scores will now be calculated for the comments.
    4. Load the network into Webometric Analyst to see the arrows or lines coloured by sentiment.

Tips for further experimentation.
If the network is not good, try clicking the F-R tab on the right of the screen, changing the position of the “K-multiplier” scroll-bar and selecting Automatic –Fruchterman Reingold from the Layout menu again.
Try clicking on a node to see all comments and replies made by the person and all replies made to the person.

See also: Getting data from YouTube with Webometric Analyst 2.0.